A Green Edition Is Our Mission

The Vision

“We want to give all young and modern females a better and more sustainable wardrobe made with the lowest possible impact on the environment, by reducing over production and CO2-Emissions.”

The Best Qualities

“We are never compromising on qualities and all our products are made from better and more sustainable fabrics. Products labeled with the Green Edition label is made from at least 50% more sustainable fibers.”

Responsible Production

“All our products are produced in a low and limited number of pieces to avoid over stock and massive waste. At the same time our lean and direct business to consumer approach, allows us to pay more to the factories for each product and sell it at a very honest and affordable price, despite the high quality level.”

The Right Partners

“StyleStore.com is only working with af limited number of certified and responsible factories because we want to make sure that working conditions and ethical standards are continuously improved and optimized.”

Feel Good Fashion

“Our mission ist to make a more healthy fashion industry. Sustainable fashion is for you and for the great world surrounding us, and we all have to contribute. Thank you for choosing more sustainable products.”

All Actions Matter

“At StyleStore.com we are doing our best to implement more environment friendly solutions for all parts of our business to ensure our enterprise is contributing with all available resources in creating a greener tomorrow. Among these it is worth to mention that our head office in Denmark is heated by renewable energy and another area where we are actively working with going in a more green direction is the area of shipment and logistics.  Shipping products is a key part of our everyday operation and we have decided only to work with the best partners in worldwide logitics whom actively are fighting to reduce the Co2 emissions. Therefore we are also proud to participate in the DHL GO GREEN program which is contributing to a greener tomorrow.”

“We have a desire to make more sustainable and long lasting items, so you can create a #betterwardrobe. All our designs and products are made from a philosophy of giving our customers a maximum value experience. Go enjoy the many styles online now.”