All products from are well-crafted and created exclusively from carefully selected qualities and materials, including REAL SILK, CASHMORE WOOL, REAL LEATHER, and AUTHENTIC DENIM. We have chosen to work with exclusive and more sustainable materials to be able to offer the most desirable icon products for the modern woman’s wardrobe. Products that can be used for all occasions and which always add sophisticated edge to empower the expression of your outfit. Below, you can find a number of great tips for the best possible care and maintenance of your wardrobe favorites.




Real Leather & suede

  • We recommend that all products made of genuine leather and suede to be sent to dry cleaning and be prepared and cleaned well.

  • The surface of the product can be gently cleaned and wiped with a soft, dry cloth once a week.

  • Keep the product away from direct sunlight so it does not fade

  • Our leather and suede products, over time, will have natural small “breaks” at the surface which is part of the unique patina a natural product achieves.

  • As far as possible, avoid using leather and suede products in the rain.


  • Wash your denim with the wrong side out, in cold water with gentle detergent, to avoid color loss.

  • Alternatively, put your denim jeans or jacket in a tight bag with tight closure, and place them in the freezer for a week to remove the bacteria. This avoids the use of water and detergent, and your denim jeans or jacket will fade less.

  • Avoid detergent added which has bleach added.

  • Dry your denim pants or jacket on the line or in the dryer on low heat.

  • Expect natural wear after use, especially on the thighs, the area around the knees, and the elbows on jackets.


  • We recommend that all silk products are being sent to dry cleaning.

  • Hand wash can be used but can cause the silk to have a harder surface and the hand-feel will be a little stiffer.

  • If you want to wash your silk products yourself, we recommend the following.

  • Use the mildest detergent you can find, or a mild shampoo.

  • Hand wash silk in cold water.

  • Never twist and turn the silk and never put the silk in the dryer

  • To remove excess water from the silk, place the product on a white cotton towel, and fold the towel around the silk product.

  • Then hang the silk product to dry on a padded hanger with shape and the last drip drying takes place.

  • Avoid hanging silk products in sunlight as this may cause the product to bleach

Cashmere & Wool

  • We recommend that all wool and cashmere products are being sent to dry cleaning and are being prepared and cleaned before the start of the season.

  • Remove stains with a damp cloth. Carefully dip the area with the stain. If 100% wool, you can add a little bit of gentle detergent.

  • Always wash knit products with extra gentle detergent, specially developed for wool fibers.

  • For hand washing of knitwear products, we recommend using only cold water.

  • Never put your knitwear in the dryer. Knit should always be laying flat to dry

  • To remove excess water from the knit, place the product on a white cotton towel, and fold the towel around the knit product.

  • When the knit is completely dry, it can be hung on a hanger afterwards where it can be gently stretched back into shape.
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  • We recommend that you turn the garment inside out and unzip it before starting the wash. By doing so, buttons and zippers are protected and you avoid the marks after the trip in the washing machine.

  • Use gentle or preferably detergent produced for washing technical and functional outerwear, it protects and ensures the best maintenance of the materials your jacket is made of.

  • Wash at 30 degrees heat, and if possible, wash the outerwear on your washing machine’s outdoor programme. This will both protect the jacket and the environment as much as possible.

  • When drying the jacket, we recommend that you lay the jacket to drip dry, on a rack or on a towel on a flat surface, and not in direct sunlight.
  • If it is a down jacket or a fibre down jacket, shake the jacket thoroughly when completely dry to ensure that the down is redistributed in the down tunnels of the jacket and the jacket regains its usual volume.  It is important that the down or fibre down lining is allowed to dry completely.
  • If you can’t lay your down jacket out to dry, you can also tumble dry it on low heat, perhaps with tennis balls to help the down from clumping.

  • Watch the little care video, and write to our customer service if you have more questions about washing and maintaining your outerwear.

For additional care instruction please check the care label which have been attached to each product purchased from, and if further care information is needed, you can always reach us by mail at