Feel Good Fashion

WithBlack is for the modern woman who has the approach to life that fashion always has to feel good and be wearable for more occasions.

The DNA of WithBlack is defined by the Scandinavian way of appreciating the uncomplicated beauty of true aesthetics and well considered designs all made with fit and functionality in mind.

Each of our styles is inspired by the urban cosmopolitan life of the young fast thinking woman and interpreted through a seasonal rhythm. A creative and considered reinvention of wardrobe icons will offer a cohesive and updated selection of styles which never compromises on feminine elegance and cool edginess.


When it comes to quality, we make no compromises. All WithBlack products are crafted exclusively from carefully selected qualities and materials, including real silk, cashmere wool, real leather and authentic denim.

We want all of your WithBlack products to be your long lasting wardrobe favorites.

We are dedicated to offer you your wardrobe icons at honest and affordable prices – our philosophy is that quality and style should always be accessible.


We are dedicated to ensure that each WithBlack product is produced in an environment which has the ressources to honest and true consideration of high ethical standard. We strive to use the best selection of new innovative fabrics which all considers a more sustainable future.

We want to reduce our environmental footprints. We produce each style in a limited quantity – in order to reduce waste, the transport load etc.

Dress up & dress down

Your WithBlack wardrobe favorites are easily combined. They can be used for all occasions, always adding sophisticated edge to empower the expression of your outfit.

We believe in a small wardrobe of luxurious and considered styles, made accessible and affordable.